How to Add or Claim Your Business on Google

Do you want to make sure your correct business information shows up on Google? Then you’ll want to sign up for Google my business. A free service that lets you maintain your business information online. There are two ways to get started with Google My Business. You can claim ownership of your business on Google, or you can add your business on Google. We’ll cover both ways.

To begin, search for your business on Google. If any of the results match your business information check to see if the “are you the business owner” link appears. If it does, then the business isn’t claimed and you can click the link. If you don’t see the link go to and click on the “get on Google” button. Then sign into your Google account. If you don’t yet have a Google account, click ‘create account’ at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll then be asked to search for your business. If you see your business, click on it. It’s OK if not all the details are up to date; you’ll be able to change them later. If you don’t see your business after searching, then click on the magnifying glass to see the option to add your business. Once you’ve finished entering the most current and accurate information for you business you’ll need to verify it. This will tell Google that the listng in maintained by you, the business owner.