Embedding Google Street View in your web site

We encourage you to share the views widely to attract customers to your business. Open your Google profile page and click the ‘see inside’ link (or click the link I sent to you) so that you’re viewing your tour.

[Note that as of April 2016 you must search for your business on Google Maps (not Google Search) before the next step] Click the 3 dots at the top left next to your business details. Click “share and embed image”. The share link is useful to add to email signatures, Twitter posts and Facebook posts. To embed an interactive panel in your web site grab the ‘iframe’ code shown under the ’embed image’ tab …


Now paste that code into your web site code where you want the tour to appear. If you’re not sure how to do that ask your web site developer or speak to me, John Carratt for help.

If you use Google Chrome there is a useful plugin you may be interested in…


Stuck? We’re here to help, get in touch

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