A new style of navigation in Street View

Google seems to be updating its arrowed navigation in Street View with a more continuous scroll style of navigation. Traditionally you’d click an arrow to move forward. Now you can continuously move forward along a blue line indicating a possible route. The blue line can help users plan a route by showing paths and junctions.

Now instead of clicking and waiting for a new section to load the user can zoom ahead by swiping to any point on the line making the experience fluid. Doubtless this is a prelude to what will be available in Google Daydream VR headsets. The motion blur will still be there as you’re swiping along, and you’ll need to stop in order to have the imagery fully load in. But it’s my view that Google will be working on making this smoother with the aim of making it continuous. They’ve already demonstrated that they can create depth maps from Street View imagery so it seems they’re working on building a 3D model behind the scenes.

The new navigation seems to be in test in the US at the moment and doesn’t require an app update. If you spot the new navigation in the UK do let me know.