Hotels now get special treatment on Google Business View

Google Business View has always been a great way for hotels to attract bookings. Now Google have created special representation just for hotels. It’s an indication of how seriously Google are targeting the hospitality sector.

Each area of the hotel; bedrooms, restaurant, pool etc is now treated as a separate tour so no more navigating down corridors to reach a far away area. Using familiar Google Street View navigation users can move around each area, and using the image carousel, at the footer of new Google Maps, users can select their area of interest. The virtual tours can appear on Google Search, Google Maps and Google Hotel Finder. You’ll also get a script to allow the interactive experience to be embedded in your own web site.

It’s the perfect open and honest visual representation that builds trust in users and encourages bookings. It’s also a great way for users to assess the accessibility of the hotel.

I’m proud to be one of few Google Trusted Photographers authorised by Google to cover hotels with the enhanced procedure.  If you’d like a cost-effective quotation to get your accommodation included in Google Maps Business View contact me today!

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