Email List Management

Featuring: message scheduling, subscriber groups, batch broadcasting and more!

  • Full management of your email list subscribers through thorough and customisable email bounce management. Management of bounced emails can be easily scheduled with one click
  • Send out a broadcast to all subscribers with one click or send a message to 1 subscriber only. Easily import email addresses and additional information either from CSV file or direct import of a pasted group of email addresses
  • All email addresses are checked for uniqueness to each list they are subscribed to/imported into, each address is also checked that it is formatted as a valid email address

Subscribers/Email Addresses

  • Store Subscribers including email address, first and last name, town, postcode and more
  • Import lists of subscribers from a csv file or paste a text block into the built import window

Email Messages/Mailer campaigns

  • Create stunning HTML email campaigns to broadcast out to your list using the built in HTML editor, no need to leave the system to use another application to create your message
  • Create and store an alternate text version of your message to be sent as a multi-part message
  • Include personalisation variables in your HTML message:- example Dear [First Name] [Last Name] thank you for subscribing to our [List], we have sent this email to the following email address [Email] that you subscribed with. The email was sent [Date Med]
  • Easily use any currently stored email message as a template for another message or another list!, simply use the duplicate message button to create a copy of the message and then edit the parts you wish to change. Want to share this email template with another of your lists? No problem form within the message edit view simply use the powerful "Save a copy of this message to another list" feature at the top of the screen) this feature is only available if you have more then 1 list available to your login privileges)
  • Want to test how your message looks, click the preview message button to view a representation of how your email message will look when received by a HTML capable email application. Even better use the "Send Message to 1 recipient" box at the top of the screen to send off your message to a single recipient for preview before broadcasting out to your entire list.

Comprehensive bounced message collection and cleaning features

  • Keep your lists clean of bad and delinquent email addresses via either manual pop mail box collection of bounced messages or set it and forget it scheduled task automation of this procedure
  • The system will retrieve and process all bounced messages for each list individually (each list must have a unique email address)
  • All bounces will be recorded and logged and this information will all be available by a click of the mouse form the administration screen
  • View quickly what email addresses have bounced, how many times they have bounced, the time and date the bounce was logged
  • Even finer grain control is given by logging if an email address bounced due to exceeding their allotted mailbox allocation. A lot of people are using free and low cost email services such as yahoo, hotmail etc
  • Bounce Management Control panel lets you specify the criteria to search and remove bounced email subscribers (e.g remove all subscribers that have bounced 2 or more times not due to exceeded storage allocation in their pop mail box, or remove all subscribers that have bounced due to exceeded storage allocation 3 or more times, or remove all subscribers that have bounced for any reason 2 or more times - many powerful possibilities and combinations). Bounce control settings are not permanent so you can change your criteria as you continue to fine tune your subscription list.

Personalisation Variables

  • When enabled in the list settings HTML messages can include personalisation variables anywhere throughout the message by simply placing the appropriate place holder in the point in the message desire
  • Currently available variables include First name, Last Name, Email Address, Subscription List Name, Current Date in Long, Medium and Short formats, Custom 1 - 5 fields